Showing Off

Why do people have a need to show off what they got? Is it to make others jealous? I really don’t get it especially when it comes to men. Why do women have the need to show off their men in front of friends or even enemies. I have done this before also and I don’t understand why we have the need to be greedy and say, “Oh look what I have, bet you wish you had it.”. I’ve been in this situation multiple times.

Why can’t we just be happy for other people? Let them make their own life choices that will make them happy. I just want to be happy for myself and happy for my ex. I feel whats holding me back for thinking that my ex isn’t happy is the thought that I know he can do so much better, but yet even by knowing this I flaunt my own new relationship in his face. I show off something so much better than he was, but yet still expect him to be happy and myself to be happy.

Doing this over and over again really doesn’t help the situation. It honestly just brews up more drama, but yet everyone continues do it. I mean they probably don’t realize that they do it. One way people are always showing off their men is making them their MCM aka Man Candy Monday then proceed to write some heartfelt message about them even though the other person writing it probably doesn’t feel any love for them yet. They just do it to make their ex jealous and probably others mad.

This just really upsets me…. let me know what you guys think

*proceeds to drink coffee and think about life*


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