Dear Web,
I have decided to start this blogging journey to see what I can become of myself. I want to see if I can truly find my inner being by punching my fingers across this keyboard. This whole essential “blogging” thing is very new to me, but I have found that some people blog until their heart’s content and they come out with beautiful messages about their life. In other words I want to partake in the blogging experience. It might be a slow start, but it can be done.
Anyways maybe you should get to know me some. I grew up in a very small town called Greenfield, Ohio. I have lived there my whole life and I currently half way live there now. I am a college student and I attend Bowling Green State University where I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice. BGSU has impacted my life so much and I’ve met so many great people, but I want to save that for a different blog. Further along my hobbies now include doing homework, because I don’t currently have a life with attending classes right now, but I love to chill and hang with friends in my free time. I also love drawing, singing in my women’s chorus at college, reading, and watching horror movies. I also loved cheer leading back at my high school. Anyways that’s really it for now and I hope I can make a habit about getting one here and continue blogging about my life. Anyways I’ll write back next time.