College Changed My Life

Dear Web,

I am studying at Bowling Green State University as I’ve already mentioned in my last post. I am a sophomore, so I don’t have that much experience under my belt, but I wanted to share with you what college as impacted on my life so far.

When I first moved to BGSU as a freshman I was very nervous about the whole college experience and being on my own. I was also very scared about not making the grades that I need and disappointing my parents. On my first day of college I was literally the lost freshman with her map stuck in her face roaming around campus like a lost dog. A few nice people helped me, but others didn’t acknowledge that I was even there. I remember on the first day that I had GSW (General Studies Writing) that my class was supposed to be in the education building, but the professors switched classrooms on us the last the minute, so it wasn’t right on my schedule. At this point I was freaking out, because my professor name didn’t match what I had on the schedule. I went on addressing my situation to her and that’s when I learned that the professors had switched classes. She told me that I had to go to the technology building and now I’m thinking one where in the hell is that even at, two why is a GSW class in the technology building!? As I was leaving going to the right building I was soon relieved that another student in the class made the same mistake as well so we both walked together trying to find the tech building and if you are wondering yes we did make it on time. That was one experience I had as a poor little freshman I on my first day of college.

Over all though even though I was lost on that first day. The rest of my freshman year was an incredible experience. It is something I will never forget. I met so many friends and learned so many aspects about living on my own and time management that have helped me out a lot in life. I want to make this College category many different stories and memories that I have lived through. I want to share them with you and some will make you laugh especially now that I’m in my sophomore year. Any ways I’ll write back next time with some more juicy college stories.